Enlisted Airman Book

This is everything I know about the Air Force in one place. It is still being worked on.


Enlisted Airman Youtube Videos

just some of my videos on the Air Force.  Once I get my book and website fleshed out I will be adding more hopefully monthly.   -8/12/21

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This Website

I wanted to make something that would allow me to focus on everything I work on. Also, I can share all of my updates with all Airmen.


bullet app.jpg

Bullet App

The bullet checker 3000 is here for you! All you do is write or paste the bullet in section 1 and in section 2 it shows you what possible words might be able to be replaced!!!!!!!!!!! But wait there is more! It even shows you in section 3 what that acronym is! Please watch the video on how to use it first.


Education Links

All the info I know about education in the Air Froce.